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Chimera Independent Winterguard is a winter, marching arts performance ensemble based in Macon, GA and is a member of the Southern Association for Performing Arts (S.A.P.A.). Chimera has been a medalist at both the Independent Regional A (IRA) and Independent A (IA) classes. Membership is open to any college or high school aged individual via open auditions provided they meet the age restrictions set forth by our governing body, Winterguard International (WGI).

What is Winterguard?  Winterguard is the sport of indoor colorguard. While colorguard  is derived from military and veterans organizations' ceremonies, modern color guard is an athletic and artistic endeavor that uses a combination of flags, sabers, mock rifles, as well as both modern and classical dance and interpretive movement to present a themed, theatrical performance. 

Students gain an immense amount of personal growth and development through their winterguard experience such as being a part of a community of peers focused on a common, positive goal. Through this endeavor, students learn about commitment , time management, setting and achieving goals, self-respect and respect for their competitors. They learn self-reflection and growth through challenges, competition, success and failure. They develop self confidence to tackle tough tasks and see them through to completion, and they learn the art of communicating to others what is in their soul through performance. 

Chimera was founded in 2014 with the mission of providing a means for Georgia high school and college students to have an opportunity to perform on a national level, be exposed to cutting edge pedagogy and choreography provided by world class instructors in a nurturing yet challenging atmosphere.  We offer a safe and encouraging setting for young people to achieve their highest artistic and creative potential, develop their artistic skills and techniques to the highest standards of excellence, all while treating every participant as a unique individual with inherent talent and ability to achieve dreams they never thought were available to them. As of 2022, Chimera is the ONLY independent winterguard in the entire southern half of Georgia. It is our deepest desire to reach as many students as possible so that we may provide this enriching experience to every interested young person regardless of their race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, national origin or cultural background. 

Some may still ask "Is it really worth it"?  "Is it worth it to join"?  "Is worth it to support a winterguard"?

Well, we invite you to attend any winterguard performance and let the faces of the students as they come off of the performance floor,  realizing they have achieved something they never thought they could do,  tell you everything you need to know. Once you see that, the answer becomes obvious.  In the meantime, take a look at our parent video below and and see what this activity provides and teaches young men and women every day.  You will see there isn't a better or more worthwhile activity in the country!

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