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Support your community AND gain valuable advertising and new sales by becoming a corporate sponsor of CHIMERA!

We have 6 different levels of corporate sponsorship to help defray the cost of participating for our young people from a basic sponsorship up to a FEATURED SPONSOR level. 

Three of our levels also include the establishment of SCHOLARSHIPS in YOUR COMPANY'S NAME to help our performers afford the growing costs of college!  

Can your company REALLY gain anything from sponsoring Chimera?? ABSOLUTELY! 

Consider this....

Chimera performs in front of tens of thousands of fans per year. The average competition includes 900 students in 45 - 50 different competing units, 90- 100 staff members, 1,300 parents, and 3,000 fans. With an average of 5 shows a season that Chimera attends, your company will be put in front of over 25,000 people.

By sponsoring us, you have the opportunity to place your company’s logo on our equipment trailer, our website, and social media platforms during the course of the season. YOU CAN EVEN RUN COMMERCIALS ! How much would a year's worth of commercials cost? 


How much will you get out of it?? Even if you gain a minuscule 0.125% of those people that view your logos as new sales, you will gain around 250 new customers, making your  tax deductible support WELL worth your investment!

Take a look at the sponsorship information and available packages below and contact us at to start a partnership TODAY!

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