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Student Safety Policy

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Chimera Winterguard provides a venue for young people to achieve their highest potential of artistic expression through performance and competition. We value every participant, parent, staff, and volunteer as a unique individual with inherent dignity regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, origin or cultural background. Chimera also is committed to fostering positive and safe learning, performing, and working environments for all.

It is important for all members of the Chimera family to know how to address concerns that may be contrary to this commitment. Chimera's staff and Board of Directors have set expectations for the conduct and compliance for everyone associated with Chimera. 

Anyone who receives information of any kind (oral or written, “informal” or “formal”) suggesting that misconduct related to member  safety has occurred, that is connected in any way to individuals or activities associated with Chimera Winterguard, must report the matter immediately to Chimera Management or a member of the Member Safety Committee. Any person who receives a report must convey that report to the Member Safety Committee. A report to an appropriate law enforcement agency may be deemed appropriate and is at the discretion of the Member Safety Committee. Misconduct related to participant safety is defined by this policy as:

  • Any misconduct of a sexual nature or potentially classifiable as a sex offense under applicable Georgia law, including so-called “victimless” activities such as prostitution, pornography, and indecent exposure;

  • Any misconduct in which actual or suggested sexual relations is an element;

  • Any use of actual or suggested sexual activity where quid pro quo is present or suggested;

  • Any consensual sexual activity between a member and any other person in which one of the individuals has not reached the age of consent in the state of Georgia as well as in the state where the incident occurred.

  • Any harassing conduct pertaining to, in whole or in part, an individual’s gender, sexual orientation, or gender expression; and

  • Any conduct involving harm to a minor.

Concerns of non-compliance should first be brought to the staff of Chimera Winterguard or a member of our Member Safety Committee who will investigate the concerns promptly and address them. This includes ethical concerns regarding sexual and / or racial discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and retaliation. 

Upon receiving a report of any such misconduct, Chimera Winterguard shall conduct an effective internal investigation, report the matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities as may be necessary, and take appropriate and effective remedial action under the circumstances.

Anyone found to have participated in misconduct that threatens the safety of a participant will be disciplined as Chimera finds appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the winterguard and permanent ban from association with any Chimera event in any capacity. Chimera will not retaliate against anyone for reporting suspected misconduct in good faith or for participating in an investigation or inquiry. Further, Chimera will not tolerate retaliation by any person or entity towards a person reporting sexual misconduct in good faith. 

If, in the course of an investigation, it is found that any person willfully and intentionally filed a false or misleading report of sexual misconduct for any reason, that person will be held accountable to any discipline that Chimera may find appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the winterguard, permanent ban from association with any Chimera event in any capacity, and will be reported to any appropriate law enforcement agency.

Any Chimera staff member or member of the Member Safety Committee is always available to report an ethics concern or alleged noncompliance, or to seek support in reporting such an issue.


To report a sexual misconduct concern, please email your concern to or fill out the online form below. 

Report Sexual Misconduct

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